Walking through the forest the troubles of the day quickly melt away.  You feel an intense sensation of freedom as the smell of pine wafts through the air.  The cool dampness surrounding you seems to enhance all your senses.  Suddenly you hear a rustling in the undergrowth and yet you see nothing.  The noise gets louder yet and still you see nothing.  Finally, you get a brief glance at a remarkable creature.  A fox quickly bounds across your path. The majesty of this animal is immediately apparent.  The grace of its movement and the determination of its gaze informs you that it is a true survivor.  Able to overcome all obstacles and tackle any challenges.  Such is the spirit of Fox Appeal apparel.  Designed to let you show the world your independent nature.  You are truly a wildly clever creature...a survivor.  Yet also, one of the most stunning beautiful beings to be found.

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